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Patient Environment Action Team

A team which undertakes peer reviews of NHS trusts’ compliance with UK Department of Health standards across a range of parameters, including food, cleanliness, infection control and patient environment (bathrooms, décor, lighting, patient areas). PEATs include people from outside the trust (e.g., from infection control), personnel and patient representatives, and provide a local “snapshot” of the hospital environment on the day of the visit. A PEAT report is produced after each site visit, and may include an action plan if the required standards are not being met.


an accumulation of dead plant material formed in wet conditions in bogs or fens in the absence of oxygen so that decomposition is incomplete. It is usually acidic.


n in balneotherapy, a mossy plant substance used in baths and peloids. An antiinflammatory, antimicrobial, antineoplastic, antiviral substance, the effects of which include immunological stimulation, increased metabolism, and vessel dilation. See also balneotherapy and peloid.

peat, peat moss

used as bedding for housed cattle and horses and is very absorbent of water.

peat scours
chronic diarrhea in ruminants grazing pasture on peat-derived soils low in copper and/or high in molybdenum. See also copper nutritional deficiency, molybdenum.
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Lee said Ireland uses peat for power generation but employs a dry harvesting method where bogs are drained and the vegetation removed, "considerably" altering the hydrology.
Located north of Tregaron and formed more than five thousand years ago, the bogs were damaged by locals historically harvesting them for peat for heating purposes.
Peat classification was carried out on a scale of H1 to H10 in the field (Mohamad Tarmizi, 2014) using the von Post classification method (Engineering Geology Working Group, 2007; Von Post, 1922).
This wide spread 142 pages report on Peat market provides profiles of companies active in the Peat industry, their product specifications, applications, their contact profiles and information, which form a fundamental part of the report.
Peat profiles were obtained from Arifiye, located in Sakarya, Turkey (Figure 5 and 6).
Peat fires are particularly challenging for firefighters as they can burn underground for days or even weeks, emerging at the surface at various points, becoming difficult to control.
Lightweight drilling rig or manually operated Russian type peat corer were used to describe the peat thickness and stratigraphy in 47 sites (Fig.
Carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and sulphur concentrations in the peat and humic acid samples (elemental analysis of C, H, N, S) were determined by the combustion-gas chromatography technique, using an Elemental Analyzer Model EA-1108 (Carlo Erba Instruments).
In his new role Dr Peat will "oversee the work of almost three hundred inspectors charged with regulating and improving the care of children and adults, and criminal justice social work, across Scotland".
When peat becomes exposed it is vulnerable to wind and rain erosion.