peak magnitude

peak mag·ni·tude

the greatest amplitude.
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In general, they found that the 3a[omega] array was either excessively noisy or excessively reduced in peak magnitude [24].
This high flow experiment will include a peak magnitude release of approximately 36,000 cubic feet per second (cfs) for 96 hours to move accumulated sediment downstream to help rebuild beaches and backwater habitats.
So it's best to try to avoid it for the best view of the be viewed with the naked eye, is quite well-placed this month for those of you with telescopes, as it reaches peak magnitude in the constellation of Pisces around Tuesday.
This object turns out to be optically the brightest pulsar-heated binary known, with a peak magnitude of just under 18.
Nick's video, running at 25 frames per second, enabled determination of the fireball's precise time of appearance, its peak magnitude at--11.
According to SLOOH, SN 2013df reached a peak magnitude of 15 and may be classified as a Type IIb supernova.
Both SNe were of type Ia and SN 2006dd reached a peak magnitude of 12.
Over the same range of rise-times, the peak magnitude of the spectra hardly changes from about 50 kHz.
At the top is the summary of error results such as the EVM percentage as an rms value, the peak magnitude, and the phase of the EVM.
Along X-axis particular day (ordinary number since the January 1, 2000) is displayed, along Y-axis peak magnitude observed in particular day being displayed.
Peak magnitude of the engine-face waveform was set to an overpressure ratio of 1.