peak expiratory flow rate

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peak expiratory flow rate

Maximum expiratory flow, peak flow The greatest rate of airflow that can be obtained during forced exhalation, which follows a diurnal pattern of fluctuation and can be used clinically to evaluate airway tone; PEF is ↓–and airway tone ↑ in various forms of asthma; it can be plotted during the day and used to investigate occupational asthma and detect exacerbation before the onset of Sx. See Pulmonary function tests.

peak ex·pi·ra·to·ry flow rate

(PEFR) (pēk ek-spīr'ă-tōr-ē flō rāt)
The maximum flow at the outset of forced expiration, which is reduced in proportion to the severity of airway obstruction, as in asthma.

peak expiratory flow rate

The maximum rate of exhalation during a forced expiration, measured in liters per second or liters per minute. It is used as a test of airway obstruction.
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peak expiratory flow rate (pēkˑ ek·spīˑ·r·tōrˈ·ē flōˑ rātˑ),

n a simple, preliminary test that measures the maximum volume of air exhaled by the patient to assess degree of respiratory restriction.
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