peak area

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peak area,

n a representation of separate substances within a mixture on a printed chart, called a chromatogram that is produced by chromatography. The size of the peak area is nearly equal to the quantity of the substance present in the mixture.
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The FT/IR spectroscopic peak area related to TCHO and STCHO and ratio of STCHO to TCHO were similar among the three SM (Table 1).
Peak area can be used to indicate the relative proportions of the different clay phases within the same soil/clay type and to quantify modifications in the clay assemblages (in our example, before and after treatments).
For 40 years, the Pikes Peak Area Council has worked to ensure that the 16 cities, counties, and towns in its region have a forum to discuss issues that cross their political boundaries, identify shared opportunities and challenges, and develop collaborative strategies for action.
Antibiotics were identified and quantified irrespective of peak area of samples and calculation was carried out irrespective of antibiotic standard curve by comparison of retention time and UV absorbance at an optimum point of the standard.
The calibration curve was drawn from the peak area of each dilution of external standard obtained once run through GCFID.
Third, the relative peak area will be standardized again based on the highest peak of all suitable peaks.
Peak elution times and approximate peak area ratios were consistent with those of the hemolymph samples, as depicted in Figures 3 and 4.
Repetitive injections of both solutions were carried out to achieve stable responses that agree with 1% of the rotenone peak area (or height) to the internal standard peak area (or height) ratio.
The identified compounds and their retention time, molecular formula, molecular weight, peak area (%), structure, category of the compound, and activities related with medicinal uses are given in Tables 1, 2, and 3 for leaf, stem, and tuber, respectively.
High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) analysis detected the peak area volumes of Paraquat in soil samples at level ranging from 0.