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A sum of one hundred and fifty thousand francs, or fifteen thousand pistoles, whichever you please, in three payments.
Madame, I should esteem that a great honor done me, but I am so pressed for time, that, you see, I have been obliged to permit myself to interrupt your repast to procure payment of my note.
Then it was all poppycock, two cents a word for minimum rate and payment upon acceptance.
So-and-So, and is not quite certain whether a payment of five hundred pounds has been made within the last week to his account.
And when he had got all she had, he healed her and demanded the promised payment.
No friend of his ever escapes making the just, due payment.
It was bad hunting, and the Tanana people made payment for the bad hunting.
Helped by the kindness of my friend, I have arranged to have a cabin kept in reserve, on payment of a small deposit.
Having entered Mr Snawley's address, the schoolmaster had next to perform the still more agreeable office of entering the receipt of the first quarter's payment in advance, which he had scarcely completed, when another voice was heard inquiring for Mr Squeers.
Nothing could be less acceptable to me than payment for the pleasure of entertaining a visitor," the doctor answered, knitting his brows; "and as to my advice, you shall have it if I like you, and not unless.
You would not make medicine until I had brought the payment in advance, and when I was returning to my village the great, white jungle god gave me back my Tibo--gave him to me out of the jaws of Numa.
From the same reason it is no unusual thing for both parties to be overreached in a bargain, though the one must be always the greater loser; as was he who sold a blind horse, and received a bad note in payment.