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Although the scheme has been challenged in the courts, it stands up to scrutiny as the only systematic way to measure NHS jobs against each other, and determine the correct pay band for staff undertaking different roles.
Walmart is also raising the floor and ceiling of its in-store pay bands in most stores and is providing raises to associates earning at the maximum of their pay band.
Unison said: "The Government rejected this and instead decided to give 1% to those on top of their pay band.
Instead, ministers took the decision to only award a 1% pay rise for those on the top of their pay band.
Hunt also wants to put an end to the NHS tradition of small increases each year, by moving up grades within a pay band after meeting performance indicators.
There lies a problem - in Yorkshire 44% of those households pay Band A rates, while only 4% of London households pay Band A rates.
Sarah Hay, an NHS worker of Redcar, said: "We are being seen as second rate nurses who don't deserve the same pay as other nurses in other areas and the fact that Lansley would keep managers on the same high pay band to retain 'the best' to implement the changes is just another smack in the mouth for us.
It is only sensible to consider the implications of a universal pay band given how varied the economies of the UK are.
In his new post Prince Harry will be on a pay band of Au37,916 to just over Au45,000.
NSPS is based on pay bands that encompass a broad range of duties and responsibilities, and allows employees to advance within a single pay band based on performance.
Other than those in education, the only town employees that have a degree-based pay band are police officers," said Advisory Board Chairman Tom Maeder.
Unlike other federal agencies that use the General Schedule pay scale, the DIA uses a Pay Band structure with five pay grades that vary with experience.