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Those who consumed two sachets of fermented pawpaw showed several positive changes vis-a-vis the diabetes risk factors," Bahorun, the lead researcher said.
The character's memory of the pawpaw breaking on her as a child carries clear political overtones suggesting the immanence and inevitability of black rebellion against colonial oppression.
Sue's efforts to plant flowers in front of the Bishop's House meant ever-lengthening daily sessions of watering - but we have been rewarded with canna lilies, coleus, heliconias and even orchids adding colour, and have new pawpaw, avocado and lemon trees coming up while we await the rainy season which normally arrives around Christmas.
Fruit and vegetables were grown year-round for home consumption, as gifts, and occasionally for sale: his garden produce included tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, pumpkins, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, marrows, parsley, onions, sweetcorn, potatoes, rock-melons, garlic, ginger, grapes, pawpaw, kiwifruit, loquats, aubergines and cherimoya--and in the late 1950s he experimented with an avocado pear tree, grown from a seed brought from Gauguin's garden in Tahiti.
com: Bampie, Big Mama, Bizi, Chief, Fea, GaGa, G-Bob, Grammie, Grand Di, Grandmary, Grandmutter, Granna, Gree, Jamma, Lola, Luna, Maagah, MaiMai, Mam, Mamma, Mars, Meme, Nan, Neeny, Nemo, Nona, Nonna, Nonnie, Nonno, Pa, Pappap, Pappy, PawPaw, Pippe, Poppa, Supergran, Sweetie, Tata
While the use of injectible substances are increasing in Lagos (south west), dapsone, tramil, pentazone, pawpaw leaves and phenerga are also used in Maiduguri area.
Not a great deal of colonial British though - not much call for plum duff in a land of coconuts and pawpaw.
In Australia we were growing fruits and stuff, like avocados, lychees, star fruit and pawpaw.
He limped along the berm until pawpaw smothered the shore and the hills seemed untouched.
The aim is to plant 2,000 trees that will bear oranges, avocados, mango, pawpaw, kei apple and macadamia nuts.
They also totally destroyed our two-foot tall pawpaw trees, lilac bush, and my three-foot tall fig tree.
We looked through the list of chocolate brownie with iced pralines, sticky toffee pudding, marinated strawberry and pawpaw salad, rhubarb and white chocolate trifle and lemon crAme brulee and sadly had to decline.