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As such, the symbolic significance of women reproducing the patrilineal clan by drawing and painting clan designs on barkcloth continues.
The real question becomes not why are they against it, but why would any family in a patrilineal, patrilocal agrarian society (like Afghanistan), put any effort into any female education other than basics?
Our results of spatial organization of the island spotted skunk are consistent with those of other species of solitary mammals, but our findings of no matrilineal spatial structure, along with evidence of a patrilineal structure at one site, are not.
They belonged to the patrilineal obi (homestead)and had inheritance rights accordingly.
In an argument that draws on formalist narratology but also on the French feminist theorist Luce Irigaray, Haber argues that the first meaning of play is very much associated with a masculinist ethos that, by privileging "perfect unity, consummation, and death" (57), conjoins the pointed telos of tragedy with that of male orgasm and patrilineal reproduction.
Eritrean Afars, also known as Dankils, live mainly along the southeastern sea coast and on the offshore islands in a highly-segmented, patrilineal society.
Of related significance are "matrilineal descent systems" and matrilineal societies that "embodied an idea of social organization that privileged the personal and social power of women," as well as African societies that had patrilineal forms of organization.
For example, it has often been observed that Afghans are tribal; these people are organized into often-competing patrilineages and patrilineal clans.
According to Butler, naming is "a patrilineal organization that implies that it is patronymic names that endure over, as nominal zones of phallic control" (Bodies 153).
Salzman's central argument is that conflict in the region is the result of patrilineal descent groups made up of several families and grouped into two or more clans that are in turn grouped into tribes continually at war with each other.
It would have died with them had I followed the western patrilineal naming tradition.
Ugandan activists have used "tradition" to defend polygyny and insist on patrilineal inheritance and control over land that can leave wives and widows destitute.