patient satisfaction

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pa·tient sat·is·fac·tion

(pāshĕnt satis-fakshŭn)
Patient's opinion of care received.

pa·tient sat·is·fac·tion

(pāshĕnt satis-fakshŭn)
Patient's opinion of care received.
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Measurements of patient satisfaction were calculated by averaging the results of the patient satisfaction questionnaire.
A pre-designed patient satisfaction questionnaire based on SERVQUAL (service quality by Parasuraman 1988) instrument was used to collect data.
Over the passage of time, the focus has been shifted to patient satisfaction as it has been associated with better quality of life, reduced drug dosage and improved health outcomes.
The patient satisfaction questions were based on Common Wealth Fund's Minority Health Survey-1994.
The Mann Whitney test was used to test the association between the satisfaction score and gender while Spearman's correlation test was used to determine the correlation between age and above mentioned score The associations between the clinical characteristics of the maxillary and mandibular denture supporting tissues and patient satisfaction with CDs were analyzed.
Patient satisfaction is now an endpoint for the evaluation of care, physician payment structures (4) and a measure for insurance companies to determine hospital selection and reimbursement.
Interaction between doctor and patient starts with communication, and it is the key factor in patient satisfaction.
2003), "Understanding and acting on [sic] patient expectations are preconditions for improving patient satisfaction in the emergency department" [sic] (p.
A study conducted by Heuer in 2004 attempted to clarify the relationship between the two quality indicators, accreditation and patient satisfaction (11).
Newsome and Wright (1999) suggested that disconfirmation theory was "by far" the most dominant theory to explain patient satisfaction.
In this review, the primary aim is to carry out an in-depth investigation into a number of research studies that critically discuss the relationship of dependent and independent influential attributes to overall patient satisfaction in addition to its impact on the quality improvement process within healthcare organizations.
In 2006, the hospital received Press Ganey's Summit Award for earning consistently high patient satisfaction scores.

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