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patient 'Bill of Rights'

Patient Bill of Rights & Responsibilities A statement developed by the Am Hospital Assn that delineates the treatment that a person has a right to expect when in a hospital, and the behavior expected of that person with respect to his own therapy, follow-up, and conduct while there
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If the patient bill of rights guarantees the right to go to the emergency room without delay, then how about the right to know, before the anesthesia takes effect, how many times the hospital or an individual surgeon has performed heart surgery?
I can't wait to see what Congress will propose with this new patient Bill of Rights and if physicians can again practice good medicine, which is done exclusively for the patient's care, and also be fairly compensated.
In addition to consolidation, other primary drivers for health care cost rate increases include prescription drug increases, cost for new medical treatments and technology, liability concerns (which could heat up if the Patient Bill of Rights is resurrected), an increasing cost shift from a growing uninsured population and the fact that a large percentage of Americans are either at or approaching an age when they will require more health care.
The principles of the Pennsylvania Dental Patient Bill of Rights are as follows:
The House adopted a much-debated Patient Bill of Rights, which contains six points.
Physicians, health systems and government agencies are quickly embracing this technology because it enables them to document in less time, bring back quality healthcare and still comply with Medicare requirements, the Patient Bill of Rights and the new HIPAA Guidelines for Patient Confidentiality.
The coalition of the advocacy groups and the largest healthcare union in Michigan will urge the Senator to vote with the people and not with his pocketbook on the upcoming Patient Bill of Rights (HR2723).
In a surprise move, the House deferred action on a much ballyhooed patient bill of rights until its June 1990 meeting.
Nasdaq: CORE) conducted a survey about the recent Patient Bill of Rights legislation.
While the national health-care debate focuses on a patient bill of rights, access to a specialist and the price of care, consumers still lack a meaningful gauge to assess the most fundamental aspect of their health care: quality.

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