pathway of inflammation

pathway of inflammation,

n in dentistry, the route of extension of chronic gingival inflammation into the subjacent structures, extending into the interdental septum from the gingivae, along the interdental vessels, or following the course of these blood vessels onto the periosteal side of the bone as well as into the bone marrow spaces.
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PLA2 consists of a family of enzymes upstream in the arachidonic acid pathway of inflammation, which is responsible for production of leukotrienes, oxidants and other pro- inflammatory mediators.
Immune complexes and complement are involved in the final common pathway of inflammation and tissue destruction in both conditions.
Kolls adding that "this research shows us that with the newly identified pathway of inflammation, it may be possible to treat the patient earlier and more effectively, which could prevent lung disease or give patients a better quality of life and longer lifespan.
Gregory Stahl, Staff Physiologist, Center for Experimental Therapeutics and Reperfusion Injury, Brigham and Women's Hospital, and Associate Professor of Anesthesiology (Physiology), Harvard Medical School, has recently discovered a new pathway of inflammation that may lead to heart damage in patients with cardiovascular diseases.