pastoral counseling

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pas·to·ral coun·sel·ing

the use of psychotherapeutic methods by members of the clergy, members of a religious community, and/or lay therapists for parishioners seeking help with personal problems.
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As is common among much pastoral counseling work, an attitude of unconditional high regard and accurate empathy is employed with all his clients to maintain a safe, confident and non-judgmental environment and to maximize effectiveness and benefits throughout.
Liberty Institute is defending Chaplain Modder, whom a Navy official has threatened with career-ending punishment because he expressed faith-based views on faith, marriage and human sexuality in private pastoral counseling sessions.
The Interfaith Doctor of Ministry Program in Pastoral Counseling, designed for ordained clergy of all faiths, is offered in New York.
However, pastoral counseling can be seen as a form of indigenous psychology for Chinese Christians.
Pastoral counseling (including boundary issues and guidelines),
Hope therefore has a deeply affective dimension, and many of the contributions tease out the insights of this for spirituality and pastoral counseling.
The Houston facility provides veterans and their families with a 30-day PTSD program that offers pastoral counseling, peer mentoring and off-site small-group activities, as well as interim housing.
This year's $63,250 will be distributed among Donor Human Milk Program for Newborns, Infant Car Seat Program for Newborns, Catholic Charities Leominster, Catholic Charities Southbridge, Catholic Charities Worcester, Assabet Valley Pastoral Counseling Center, Healing Heart, Worcester Rehabilitation, Southbridge Rehabilitation, St.
of North Carolina Charlotte) draw on their experiences as clinicians and the current research on posttraumatic growth to show clinicians in clinical and counseling psychology, counseling, clinical social work, pastoral counseling, and other disciplines how to assess posttraumatic growth and address it in treatment through the idea of being an expert companion working with clients.
This includes teaching classes, visiting those in segregation, and providing pastoral counseling.
Catholic parishes surveyed in late 2010 said the nationwide financial crisis has sparked a growth in requests for financial assistance and pastoral counseling while parishes struggle with falling incomes caused by the recession.
Obviously, there are many types of counseling, including substance abuse counseling, school counseling, vocational guidance counseling, pastoral counseling, creative arts counseling, rehabilitation counseling, and employment counseling.