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To treat by pasteurization.


(păs′chə-rīz′, păs′tə-)
tr.v. pasteur·ized, pasteur·izing, pasteur·izes
To subject (a beverage or other food) to pasteurization.

pas′teur·iz′er n.
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And Geveke and his colleagues are evidently the first to pair RF heating with a hot-water bath to pasteurize raw shell eggs.
Recently, USDA-ARS engineers have developed a better, faster way to pasteurize raw shell eggs without ruining their taste, texture, color or other important characteristics.
In a recent study, the scientists applied pulsed ohmic heating to pasteurize milk.
Heating the product to pasteurize it causes a loss of flavor, sensory attributes and nutritional value.
25 on Nasdaq after the decision to pasteurize was reported in The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.
But although at least three large Salmonella outbreaks have been traced to contaminated juice products since 1999(1), the FDA does not require juice companies to pasteurize juice, and no longer requires producers of unpasteurized juice to provide warning labels on their juice products.
An FDA rule requiring unpasteurized fresh juice to carry a warning label has been motivating juice producers to pasteurize their products.