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To treat by pasteurization.


(păs′chə-rīz′, păs′tə-)
tr.v. pasteur·ized, pasteur·izing, pasteur·izes
To subject (a beverage or other food) to pasteurization.

pas′teur·iz′er n.
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Pasteurisation temperature showed a near constant effect on colour while pasteuriastion temperature and time showed marginal effect (p=0.
gabonensis and pasteurisation temperature on general acceptability of product showed a linear relationship with S.
The biotechnology is the first economical method for the pasteurisation of eggs in bulk.
The EBI 10 logger can be used for routine checks during pasteurisation and sterilisation of all food, which is subject to a heat process, F-value calculation in food production, or validation of processes in food production and development
In the pasteurisation field temperatures up to 110[degrees]C and counter-pressure between 0.
This is followed by three chapters on key aspects of safety: good hygienic practice, improvements in pasteurisation and sterilisation, and the use of modelling to assess the effectiveness of pasteurisation, A final sequence of chapters in Part 1 discuss aspects of product quality, from flavour, texture, shelf-life and authenticity to the increasingly important area of functional dairy products.
The Tetra Therm[R] Aseptic Sensa from Tetra Pak was recently launched to revolutionise the blending and pasteurisation of fruit juices and nectars.
The Tetra Therm Aseptic Drink is a process module designed specifically for the pasteurisation of juices and other juice based beverages.
A complete new separation, standardisation and pasteurisation line, for the treatment of yoghurt milk, has been supplied and commissioned in conjunction with Muller Dairies by Tetra Pak Processing.
The first was commissioned in March 2002 and is undertaking pasteurisation duties for Brtivic's soft drinks brand 'Tango.
The PUM's data logger from JDL is a new instrument that enables the user to monitor the pasteurisation process and prevent overheating.
This Campden manual highlights the different types of treatment that include pasteurisation and provides practical guidelines for the safe manufacture of pasteurised products.