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A soft semisolid of firmer consistency than pap, but soft enough to flow slowly and not to retain its shape.
Synonym(s): pasta
[L. pasta]
Primary Angioplasty and STent Implantation in Acute Myocardial Infarction. A trial that compared the outcomes of two strategies of percutaneous coronary intervention: primary stenting vs. primary balloon angioplasty
Results Primary stenting resulted in a lower incidence of major cardiac events (repeat MI, TVR, and cardiac death) during the 12-month post-procedure and a lower 6-month restenosis rate in selected patients with acute MI
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Master Pasta Maker's Tips for Perfect Pasta Every Time:
Researchers from the University of Brazil have developed a pasta made from green banana flour that tastes better than whole-wheat pasta.
Italian pasta is traditionally made from durum wheat semolina, the hardest of all wheat varieties, and a bit higher in protein and gluten content.
FINDING INTERESTING, SOMEWHAT UNFAMILIAR pasta opportunities at a new little Italian restaurant in the suburbs can be a pleasant surprise.
Napolina still has high hopes for the dried pasta market--78 per cent of households are still buying pasta seven times a year.
We gave an Honorable Mention to pastas that had less than 480 mg of sodium using half the packet (although the numbers in the chart are for the full packet).
Penne with Chicken and Broccoli - Penne pasta cooked with white-meat chicken and broccoli tossed in a light rosemary and garlic cream sauce
Seize the Season - Fresh herbs and veggies are a must to add some sparkle to your pasta salad.
A handful of main courses, though accompanied by small pasta portions, would not be described as pasta dishes.
About 77 percent of Americans eat pasta at least once a week, according to a National Pasta Association survey.
If pasta doesn't get to move around while it's cooking, it sits and mopes (and sticks together).
We were eager to introduce Tuscani Pastas because we were confident they would be extremely popular with our customers," said Brian Niccol, Pizza Hut CMO.