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Shiite mobilization along secular lines has marked a departure from their tradition of passivism.
Public passivism and short-term gains were the ruling 'isms' of the time.
It is about saying yes to life and no to passivism.
pacifism and passivism, thus denying to the merchant his already
It is said that the Supreme Court, in deference to the legislative power of the Diet, rarely exercises its right of judicial review -- a tendency that scholars call ''judicial passivism.
Fatalism and passivism go against the teachings of Islam.
The first phase is theistic passivism wherein wildlife's abundance is attributed to some external force.
Uniform passivism in the face of violations of the interpretable Constitution," he insists, "destabilize the meaning of the text and contradict the expressed intent of the sovereign people" (p.
In her work, Gilman outlines, not a battle between the sexes, but an oppressive regime against women in which female co-operation is suppressed by male competition; women's passivism eclipsed by male aggression, and the, as she sees it, `inherent' female urge to nurture curbed by the male instinct to destroy.
Such activism, however, is seen as a contrast to Emerson's own self-reliant passivism.
Politically, these types of particularism imply either passivism or fragmented and localized micro-initiatives.
Touted as an antidote to the passivism of television, the Internet, despite its chat rooms and e-mail, turns out to be no more personal and supportive than the television set.