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To render less activated, so as to diminish the activation of cells or cell surfaces.
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Titanium Electropolishing and Color Anodizing: Deburr, passivate, and improve surface finish on your parts while providing easy identification.
Eddie has, in the last 3 months been focusing on Schloetter's OEM relationships and their trivalent chrome passivate programme.
The Permapass 7012 Black trivalent passivate and Enseal C22 combination has been independently tested and qualified on fasteners.
The unit is available with a choice of finishes: electropolish for Class 1 compatibility or clear passivate for Class 10.
For some time Scholetter has been providing a unique 'full blue trivalent passivate, Slotopass ZN20, with the extraordinary ability to meet 48 hours to white rust (DIN 50021--SS).
In addition to standard zinc passivate, the fixings, bearing and corner joints are also available in stainless steel.