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A nonspecific term for a relationship which strives for balance, equality and mutual respect, and in which information, power and responsibility are shared by two or more actual or legal persons.

An NHS management word used in the context of a Trust’s achievement of Practice Plus on the journey to becoming a Model Employer. Partnership is essential, both internally (in relationships developed with staff-side colleagues) and externally (when working across organisations (trusts)), or when collaborating across strategic health authority boundaries.

Accountable health partnership, see there.
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When deciding if a partnership exists, it must be determined whether the partners intended to join together for the purpose of carrying on a trade or business and to share the profits and losses of that venture.
Thus, there are presently a very large number of investors owning property in the name of a multiple member LLC or partnership.
He argued that he did not have to report the income until resolution of the dispute because the partnership had deposited the money in an escrow account, which restricted his use of it.
How does a partnership determine the value of a capital or profits interest?
Like Winters (1993), Cochran and Dean found that parents emerged from their empowerment-focused school-family-community partnership program having better self-perceptions, gaining stronger social networks, and being more willing to initiate changes in their neighborhoods.
With any partnership, "you're bringing the bureaucracies of two systems together, and most bureaucracies are troublesome.
d) How do you involve all students, including special needs students, in partnership activities?
Steven Covey, in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, artistically described a partnership in his concepts of "win-win" and interdependency.
Few partnerships are as close as that of "peas in a pod," but that is the analogy we use to describe the partnership associations in which the members of the Department of Middle Grades, Secondary and Special Education in the School of Education at Fayetteville State University have been engaged.
Partnership education also better prepares young people for the new information- and service-oriented postindustrial economy.
Similarly, section 721(b) provided hat gain, but not loss, is recognized upon a contribution of property by a partner to a partnership that would be treated as an investment company if the partnership were a corporation.
The LLC combines the best features of a partnership and an S corporation: the partnership's pass-through tax benefits and flexibility with the corporation's limited liability of management and owners.

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