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Novel substances known as volatile oils provide parsley with impressive health benefits.
Serve one portion of fish per person on a bed of spinach and top with a good knob of the parsley mix.
Prepare the mushrooms, chop the garlic and parsley (keep separate).
There are classic dishes around the globe that make parsley the central focus, including chimichtrri, tabbouleh, gremolata, and persillade.
This dish conjures up memories of home-cooked dinners of big roast ham joints and sauteed potatoes, all smothered in thick, emerald-hued parsley sauce, yet adds a little elegance.
Parsley is usually treated as an annual, although it will come up again in the second year but it won't do as well.
In his new role, Parsley will serve as a member of the executive leadership team and oversee all aspects of supply chain management including the purchasing, distribution and quality assurance functions for Brinker International and its two brands, Chili's Grill & Bar and Maggiano's Little Italy.
To make the parsley sauce, blend the milk and cornflour in a non-stick saucepan.
Its most common use in cooking is as a garnish (best to use the curly leaf variety for this purpose as it is brighter coloured than flat leaf parsley and its flavour not as strong), but parsley can be used in almost any savoury dish.
Irrespective of this, parsley is usually treated as an annual.
While the mint was mainly there to cook with new potatoes and with peas, or to make into mint sauce, I was never sure of the uses of parsley.
In mild-winter areas, plant parsley now; else-where, wait until spring.