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Acronym for lentigines (multiple), electrocardiographic abnormalities, ocular hypertelorism, pulmonary stenosis, abnormalities of genitalia, retardation of growth, and deafness (sensorineural); of autosomal dominant inheritance.


a big, graceful, yellow cat with dark brown to black spots and a long, thin tail. It is spread widely through the world. Called also Panthera pardus.

leopard cat
clouded leopard
the coat color is grayish but in other respects this cat resembles Panthera pardus. Called also Neofelis nebulosa.
snow leopard
dark spots on a white skin and a long, thick tail make this a very handsome cat. Called also Uncia uncia, ounce.
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nor its officers, principals, employees, or owners own options, rights, or warrants to purchase CELG, VVUS, PARD, or CNK.
Another important thing PARD highlighted was the ability of West Midlands companies to compete at the leading edge of component design.
Both PARC and PARD modules have up to eight general-purpose input/output (GPIO) ports, which can be configured as either single-ended or differential.
Amritpal Singh, Pard engineer, says: "By working together we have enabled them to then transform this data into easy to read full graphic printouts.
By collaborating with PARD, the family-owned company has been able to keep ahead of the market and has even brought business back to the UK from China.
The study proves what PARD members have known all along," says Gerald Mazzucca, executive director, PARD, "that independent, retail pharmacies are essential to all Philadelphia residents, regardless of what part of the county they live in or their median income.
Quite simply, we need to be the best in the world and the first in the world, which is why the PARD is so important to the future of the supply chain.
EDITORS' ADVISORY: PARD pharmacists are available for
Pards reckons he and Jurgen Klopp may have to be prised apart when Liverpool entertain Crystal Palace at Anfield today.
Pards added: "The new guy gives them a little bit more pace in their attack.
I am pleased we have secured the recent points we have, but Pards please do not try to fool us into thinking it was by some masterstroke on your part.
REDTAG after beating Jeddah Pards and qualifying for the semifinals.