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Near the umbilicus.
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Paraumbilical hernias often arise from large defects of the linea alba in the region of the umbilicus and are often related to diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscles (Figure 4).
Gastroschisis is defined as a full-thickness paraumbilical defect of the abdominal wall, typically the right side, resulting in prolapse of the bowel, which is then exposed to the amniotic fluid, as there is no membrane covering the defect.
We describe its use as a sole anaesthetic agent in the mesh repair of a paraumbilical hernia in an elderly patient with significant co-morbidities.
There were multiple sequelae of portal hypertension, including splenomegaly, esophageal varices, and a recannulated paraumbilical vein.
Two right and two left paraumbilical ports are placed high and lateral, and one is placed at the midline suprapubic abutting the mons pubis.