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Near the umbilicus.
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The pre-existing umbilical/ paraumbilical hernia has been identified in several reports as a risk factor for port site hernia.
Paraumbilical hernias often arise from large defects of the linea alba in the region of the umbilicus and are often related to diastasis of the rectus abdominus muscles (Figure 4).
The patients of age more than 18 years and of either gender with a clinical and ultrasonographic diagnosis of having incisional umbilical / paraumbilical or epigastric hernia were included in the study.
Hernia occurring in and around the umbilicus (umbilical or paraumbilical hernia) is another commonly seen condition.
Engorged paraumbilical veins and abdominal wall varices were encountered and ligated to preserve hepatopetal flow (Fig.
An unusual manifestation of Meckel's diverticulum; strangulated paraumbilical hernia.
0 Pathology Cloacal abnormality Pyloric stenosis Surgery Formation colostomy Lap pyloromyotomy Surgical incision Left paraumbilical Umbilical/subcostal ports TAP injections Left midaxillary 1.
Paraumbilical perforator-based pedicled abdominal flap for extensive soft tissue deficiencies of the forearm and hand.
A 55-year-old man presented to the Pietermaritzburg Metropolitan Trauma Service, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (SA), having sustained a stab wound to the right paraumbilical region.
Posteriormente se tunelizo el cateter desde la region lumbar hasta la region abdominal paraumbilical derecha, donde se realizo el bolsillo para el implante definitivo de la bomba (fig.