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An older term for the psychological state or repository of attitudes, ideas, and experiences accumulated during personality development that are not effectively assimilated or integrated into the growing mass and residue of the other attitudes, ideas, and experiences of an individual's personality.
Synonym(s): parataxia
[para- + G. taxis, orderly arrangement]
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She found that the clause complexes made in the abstracts were of both parataxis and hypotaxis relation.
En primer lugar, cada clausula fue analizada y anotada manualmente segun los tipos de relaciones interclausulares, proceso que fue llamado de "primer nivel sintactico" (isotaxis, parataxis simetricay asimetrica, hipotaxis y endotaxis).
Parataxis simetrica por yuxtaposicion [PAR-YUX]: son estructuras asindeticas en una relacion semantico-discursiva con una clausula principal.
In this fantastical poem, Stanford employs parataxis to create a decentered, psychological matrix of potent images, recalling the manipulations of time as well as the "dreamers" in Clair's first film, Paris Qui Dort (made in 1924 and released the following year), who fall under the sleeping spell, of a mad scientist's magic ray.
While specialized idioms are successfully employed as means of addressing the complex nature of human relationships with language and social reality, Prynne's radical implementation of parataxis has shown the extent to which syntax-dependent word order dominates and eventually reifies our perception of the world.
With regards the Salaries & Benefits Regulations, participants recommended to develop a Salaries, Benefits & reimbursements Regulations and make them flexible and easy to change, as well as to take advantage of international successful regulations in the field of job evaluation, wages and employment Benefits regulations, which will contribute to parataxis the systems and regulations applied in the GCC countries.
Vocho (Yellow), 2004, Margarita Cabrera's stitched rendition of the once-ubiquitous Volkswagen Bug--for which the artist refashioned in vinyl those parts made in Mexico--weds the logic of Claes Olden burg's soft sculptures to global politics, while works by Josephine Meckseper and Rachel Harrison explore the parataxis of product display and Arnie Siegel's montage of YouTube Sinatra wannabes singing "My Way" (My Way 2, 2009) pursues the echo of Warhol's celebrity culture to its final, flattest frontier.
He also connects Holderlin with the critical theory that has shaped modernism and brings in Heidegger, Adorno, parataxis and translation, the caesura, and madness.
Despite the temporal gap, the choice of Jones as high modernist seems obvious, given, at first glance, his sense of form as order imposed by the artist on his material, and his poetic expression in fragment, juxtaposition, allusion, and parataxis (the placing side by side of disparate images, ideas, or phrases), with, of course, the need for heavy annotation.
Parataxis is crucial; the internal, autonomous meaning of a new sentence is heightened, questioned, and changed by the degree of separation or connection that the reader perceives with regard to the surrounding sentences.
Most important in relation to parataxis is that, for Adorno, "philosophical parataxis seeks to fulfill the promise of Hegel's program of a pure contemplation [Zusehens] by not distorting things through the violence of performing them subjectively, but rather by bringing their muteness, their non-identity, to speech" (Editors' Afterword, 364).
The syntactic explanations are based on the attempt to individuate intermediate structures bridging the gap between parataxis and hypotaxis (Abeille & Borsley 2006).