paraspinal line

par·a·spi·nal line

radiographic image of the interface between the lung and paravertebral soft tissues.
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The absence of certain signs may help in excluding the diagnosis: loss of the aorticopulmonary window, abnormality of the aortic arch, rightward tracheal shift, and widening of the left paraspinal line without associated fracture.
Furthermore, there was absence of the azygo-oesophageal line and bilateral paraspinal lines.
1) Traditional chest radiographic findings that suggest aortic injury include mediastinal widening >8 cm, loss of clarity of the aortic knob, displacement of the nasogastric tube to the right of the T4 spinous process, left apical pleural capping, widened paraspinal lines, widened right paratracheal stripe >5 mm, and loss of the descending aortic line.