parasitophorous vacuole

par·a·si·toph·or·ous vac·u·ole

a vacuole formed by layers of endoplasmic reticulum around an intracellular parasite that may serve to isolate the parasite and enclose it for lysozymal attack.
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It can infect any type of nucleated cells and grow inside a parasitophorous vacuole (PV) from where it directs profound changes in their transcriptome, proteome and microRNome.
include binary fission; diplokaryotic nuclei; lack of a parasitophorous vacuole, with the thickened plasmalemma of meronts and sporonts in direct contact with host cytoplasm; and vesiculotubular appendages projecting from the plasmalemma (Figure 2, panel A) (5,23).
Russell DG, Xu S, Chakraborty E Intracellular trafficking and the parasitophorous vacuole of Leishmania mexicana-infected macrophages.
Fusion of host cell secondary lysosomes with the parasitophorous vacuoles of Leishmania mexicana-infected macrophages.
Each thick-walled parasitophorous vacuole was tightly filled with one oocyst that contained only one sporozoite.
It is now known that irradiated sporozoites do penetrate hepatocytes and begin intracellular development in the parasitophorous vacuole, but subsequently stop growing.
The Leishmania parasites live in parasitophorous vacuoles inside macrophages of pH ranging from 4 to 5 (Burchmore and Barret, 2001), while T.
Also present in 2% to 4% of the ova were parasitophorous vacuoles closely associated with the nucleus.