parasitophorous vacuole

par·a·si·toph·or·ous vac·u·ole

a vacuole formed by layers of endoplasmic reticulum around an intracellular parasite that may serve to isolate the parasite and enclose it for lysozymal attack.
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Parasitophorous vacuole (PV) membrane attack by IRGs results in parasite eviction and elimination, swiftly followed by regulated necrosis of the host cell.
The transforming schizont is not restricted by the confines of a parasitophorous vacuole and is in a perfect position to interfere with host cell signaling pathways that regulate cell proliferation and survival (Shiels et al.
Rhoptry proteins have key biological roles in penetration into the host cell, and may facilitate the formation of the Parasitophorous Vacuole (PV) and mediate its clustering with host cell organelles (15).
Russell DG, Xu S, Chakraborty E Intracellular trafficking and the parasitophorous vacuole of Leishmania mexicana-infected macrophages.
Each thick-walled parasitophorous vacuole was tightly filled with one oocyst that contained only one sporozoite.
The parasitophorous vacuole membrane surrounding intracellular Toxoplasma gondii functions as a molecular sieve.
It can infect any type of nucleated cells and grow inside a parasitophorous vacuole (PV) from where it directs profound changes in their transcriptome, proteome and microRNome.
Once inside the definitive host the promastigotes loose their flagella and enter the macrophages, where they multiply inside the parasitophorous vacuole as described by Yeager and Wilcock (1993).
GRA antigens are stored within Toxoplasma dense granules and secreted into the Parasitophorous Vacuole (PV) after parasite invasion (19), (20).
Transfer of phagocytosed particles to the parasitophorous vacuole of Leishmania mexicana is a transient phenomenon preceding the acquisition of annexin I by the phagosome.
Each parasitophorous vacuole of mature meront contained dispersed electron-dense small structures as well as a large number of merozoites which were cut in different positions (Fig.