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Relating to papules.


pertaining to or resembling a papule.


Relating to papules.


(pap'ul) [L. papula, pimple]
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A small bump or pimple, typically larger than a grain of salt but smaller than a peppercorn, that rises above the surface of the neighboring skin. Papules may appear in numerous skin diseases, including prickly heat, psoriasis, xanthomatosis, eczema, and skin cancers. Their color may range from pale, to yellow, red, brown, or black. See: illustrationpapular (u-lar), adjective

dry papule


moist papule

Condyloma latum.

pearly penile papule

An asymptomatic white papule with a pink, white, or pearly surface on the dorsum of the penis of blacks and uncircumcised men. No treatment is indicated, just reassurance.

piezogenic pedal papule

A soft, painful, skin-colored papule present on the non–weight-bearing portion of the heel. It disappears when weight is taken off the foot and heel. This papule is caused by herniation of fat through connective tissue defects.

split papules

Fissures at the corners of the mouth; seen in some cases of secondary syphilis.


characterized by the development of epidermal or oral mucosal papules.

bovine papular stomatitis
a benign stomatitis caused by a poxvirus in the genus Parapoxvirus. Lesions occur in young cattle and are characterized by round papules that develop a roughened center which expands and may merge with other adjacent lesions to give a network effect. The lesions are on the buccal mucosa and the adjoining skin of the muzzle and occasionally esophagus and forestomachs.

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Q. what is the counting diet? when you count your calories of every meal during the day? why is it so papular?

A. because you get so frustrated of counting calories all the time that you rather skip meals :)
yes it's counting calories, and it's popular because at the end our body cannot defy the laws of thermodynamics- if you eat 4000 calories a day and use only 3000, the rest will transform into fat. and in this diet it doesn't matter what you eat as long as you don't go over the calorie level you decided. not always a healthy diet if done without someone supervising it.

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Pruritic papular eruptions (PPE) were seen in 8 % (28) of our patients, and all of them were from cat-2, with mean CD4+ Count of 119.
After 3 days, he was re-admitted with development of skin lesions, which were painless, papular and vesicular or bullous, 2 to 25 mm in diameter, dark purple in color, and involving specifically upper and lower limbs distal to the ankle and knee joints (Fig.
Although the father's vaccine site was covered during the unplanned visit, the child developed a high fever and a generalized papular, vesicular rash that began on the head and neck.
Upon presentation, most patients complain of soreness, pain, and itching, which can be mild to moderate in the papular form and severe in the hypertrophic form.
She had papular, confluent, erythematous and painful nodular lesions on both legs.
The most common are erythema nodosum occurring as an early feature of the disease, especially in young women; asymptomatic papular, nodular and plaque forms, reddish brown or hypopigmented and associated with both acute and subacute forms of the disease; lupus peruio, dusky red infiltrated plaques on the nose and fingers; and scar sarcoidosis, granulomatous lesions occurring in long standing scars.
has announced its new series American Papular Piano, written by Christopher Norton and Scott McBride Smith.
4 months, whereas there was no difference found for papular lesions.
They may irritate the skin by removing natural oils and may produce redness, soreness, cracking and scaling and papular dermatitis.
The most common form is called papular scabies and is prevalent where crowding and unsanitary conditions prevail.
If the cutaneous form becomes systemic, a papular or pustular rash accompanies systemic invasion, and it can be mistaken for smallpox.