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Relating to a papilloma.


Relating to a papilloma.


(pap-i-lo'ma) ('mat-a) plural.papillomaspapillomata [ papilla + -oma]
1. A benign epithelial tumor.
2. An epithelial tumor of skin or mucous membrane consisting of hypertrophied papillae covered by a layer of epithelium. Included in this group are warts, condylomas, and polyps. papillomatous ('mat-us), adjective See: acanthoma; papillomavirus

papilloma durum

A hardened papilloma, e.g., a wart or corn.

fibroepithelial papilloma

A skin tag containing fibrous tissue.

hard papilloma

A papilloma that develops from squamous epithelium.

Hopmann papilloma

See: Hopmann, Carl Melchior

intracystic papilloma

A papilloma within a cystic adenoma.

intraductal papilloma

A papilloma in the milk ducts of the breast, composed of fibrous tissue and blood vessels. It is the most common cause of spontaneous nipple discharge. Breast biopsies, ductograms, or examination of the discharge for malignant cells are used to evaluate the lesion. Surgery is the preferred treatment.

papilloma molle


soft papilloma

A papilloma formed from columnar epithelium; applies to any small, soft growth.

villous papilloma

A papilloma with long, thin excrescences, present in the urinary bladder, breast, intestinal tract, or choroid plexus of the cerebral ventricles.


Of the character of, or pertaining to, a PAPILLOMA.
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Papillomatous digital dermatitis (footwarts) in California dairy cattle: Clinical and gross pathologic finding.
Condylomata acuminata, or venereal warts, are papillomatous lesions located primarily in the anogenital region of the human body.
10] As the name implies, the papillomatous proliferation of squamous epithelium instead of producing an exophytic growth extends into the mucosa, that is inverted.
However, in most cases the lesions around mouth appeared as extensive wart-like papillomatous growth (Fig.
The papillomatous projections making up the verrucoid lesion generally show a parakerototic surface with marked underlying acanthosis.
Most lesions consist of well-circumscribed hyperpigmented papillomatous papules or plaques that are usually asymptomatic.
Nevi with keratotic changes revealed two histological variants; a papillomatous type and a seborrheic keratosis-like type that also showed papillomatosis in addition to marked hyperkeratosis and numerous horn cysts.
Endoscopic nasal examination detected the presence of polyps filling the right nasal cavity; the lesions were papillomatous in appearance.
Punch biopsy revealed a perivascular and periadnexal lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate involving the superficial and deep dermis in association with irregular, papillomatous epidermal hyperplasia.