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Gonzalez to be nation's 1st pansexual elected official, Dallas Voice
Table 1 Breakdown of Participants Sexual Race and/ Gender identity or ethnicity Nation Involvement 29 female 18 gay 35 White 31 Canada 38 gay- straight alliance recognized by school 23 male 7 lesbian 1 Black 26 United 19 informal States or external LGBTQ group 2 transgender 4 homosexual 3 Asian 1 all genders 10 bisexual 1 Hispanic 1 gender 5 straight 2 Jewish variant 1 no response 5 queer 1 Armenian 3 pansexual 8 mixed background 2 asexual 4 no response 2 heterosexual
Why, after 400 years of the sexual repression we call America, is a pansexual community flourishing in San Francisco, if not throughout the country?
Dugan, the dwarf impresario who presides over the premier box-office draw of the Starlight Carnival Royale, is paterfamilias of a unique "family" that includes among others) a fur-covered Wolf Girl with a gambling habit; a spirited pair of Siamese twins teetering on the edge of womanhood; a troubled, runaway preacher's son whose entire body is tattooed with Biblical images; and a hermaphrodite of pansexual appeal and extraordinary emotional sensitivity.
Or a decade earlier, when Annie Lennox and Boy George converged on the mainstream with visions of an eye-shadowed, pansexual future that for an instant seemed almost plausible?
Chad: I prefer pansexual, encompassing both genders, 'cause I think Beauty Pill is sexy.
I hope schools will realize it's less an exercise in tolerance than a platform for liberal groups to promote their pansexual agenda.
But writer-director Greenwald, whose handful of films include the well-received drag western ``The Ballad of Little Jo,'' employs the concept as jumping-off point for a set of variations on modernity confronting tradition, pansexual politics and nature vs.
We ought to act out and fulfill our fantasies, as long as they are not self-destructive or destructive of others; and we ought to be free to enjoy the full range of pansexual pleasures.
The visual image of the love duet becomes a pansexual fantasy, an orgy of indiscriminate lovemaking" (pp.