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Relating to panmixia.
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The broad-scale resistance exhibited by tomcod from throughout the Hudson River estuary suggests a combination of high chronic exposure and a mobile panmictic population.
2006), who found a single panmictic eastern Pacific population of dolphinfish that occurs within the northern portion of the Gulf of California and off Chiapas in southern mainland Mexico.
As a consequence, a fully-informed decision as to whether to manage populations as distinct and separate entities or as a single panmictic population requires four separate pieces of evidence that can be depicted as a 2 x 2 matrix in which ecological and genetic exchangeability form one side and recent and historical time frames form the other.
meningitidis is panmictic as a result of the frequent import of alleles from unrelated neisseriae (20,23).
Although many marine populations once were considered to be panmictic on the basis of large geographical ranges and larval dispersal over long distances, results from improved stock identification methods (e.
ST] analyses it appears that, with the exception of Isla Guadalupe, the green abalone distributed along the west coast Baja California Peninsula conform to a single panmictic population, with no apparent restrictions to gene flow.
In addition, population genetic analysis supports a panmictic population structure for wreckfish in the North Atlantic (Sedberry et al.
Based on the results of this study, we cannot reject the null hypothesis that the sampled mutton snapper populations constitute a single panmictic unit.
A Bayesian approach to the identification of panmictic populations and the assignment of individuals.
Currently, the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) manages the Pacific halibut population as a single, panmictic stock from northern California through the eastern Bering Sea based on genetic (Grant et al.
It is not surprising that such organisms are often panmictic, or exhibit subdivision on only broad levels (e.