palmar flexion

pal·mar flex·ion

bending the hand or fingers toward the palmar surface.
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Reduction was done with wrist in palmar flexion and ulnar deviation.
Range of motion was 90[degrees] (30[degrees] in dorsal flexion and 60[degrees] in palmar flexion from the neutral position of the wrist).
Medium thickness plantar skin graft for the management of digital and palmar flexion contractures.
17) A positive Mill's test is indicated with pain being reproduced at the medial elbow on resisted palmar flexion of the wrist with a straight elbow.
The investigator recorded ROM measurements for the metacarpo-phalangeal joints; the interphalangeal joints; and the wrist palmar flexion, hyperextension, radial flexion, and ulnar flexion.
Palmar flexion of the wrist was not limited but dorsal flexion was limited to 70 degree because of wrist pain.
Mishra's test II: The subject is asked to abduct the thumb against resistance with the wrist in slight palmar flexion.
1 patient had <50 degrees, 9 patients had 51-70 degrees and 10 patients had >70 degrees of palmar flexion.
On examination there was fullness and tenderness over the dorsum of the wrist with painful palmar flexion and dorsiflexion at the wrist.
The objective evaluation is based upon the following ranges of motion as being the minimum for normal function: dorsiflexion 45[degrees]; palmar flexion 30[degrees]; radial deviation 15[degrees]; ulnar deviation 15[degrees]; pronation 50[degrees]; supination 50[degrees].

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