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A pseudodiscipline based on the assertion that the individual nature of the lines in the hand of each person can be evaluated to assess a person’s life history and predict his/her future. This form of hand interpretation is rejected by mainstream medical thought
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A common tactic is to call in three or four vendors, run them through a dog and pony show with no specs or only the most vague of specs, run a test or two, a pilot or two and, viola, the IRA or Justice has a new software standard which was achieved in a manner similar to palm reading or looking at birth signs.
Specifically, she writes of astrology, numerology, palm reading, and graphology.
It's got beaches and bodies straight out of "Baywatch," a legendary wooden carousel, carnival booths, seafood restaurants, joggers in Spandex, human jukeboxes, and, of course, Doreena's Tarot Cards and Palm Reading.
These scams usually begin innocently with a quick palm reading for $5 to $20.
The 7 Arts Academy teaches "the performing arts, the martial arts, the medical arts, the scientific arts, and the arts and humanities" (120), but Jan and other teachers at the Academy supplement this "general curriculum" with Tarot reading, palm reading, numerology, and other ways of knowing.
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IT'S MAGIC: Freddie Carter and Marian on their wedding day and, below, palm reading
The only thing I've never been able to pick up is palm reading.
The Monday night luau featured traditional island fare, face painting, palm reading, spectacular fireworks and hula dancers.
We also had a palm reading which said we were both going to have two boys.