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He decided to give up the pursuit, and lay down in the grass, protected right and left by the row of palms, with on either hand the long avenue extending.
Ye should know," says he, "I'm working out the salvation promised by the lines in me palm.
And that's what I'm doing," says I, "for, in my opinion, there's no fortune to be read from the palm of me hand that wasn't printed there with the handle of a pick.
Sure, now, I would be thinking the palm of me hand lied but for the coming true of the nigger man and the blonde lady and--"
The appetite and conscience of me and Tobin was congenial to the proposition, though 'twas sticking hard in Danny's superstitions to think that a few drinks and a cold lunch should represent the good fortune promised by the palm of his hand.
The palm of Silas Wegg descends with a sounding smack upon the palm of Venus, and Wegg lavishly exclaims, 'Twin in opinion equally with feeling
Into this he crumbled a few bits of dry bark, minutely shredded, after which he inserted the tip of his pointed stick, and, sitting astride the bole of the tree, spun the slender rod rapidly between his palms.
The front main entrance uses an auto-lock system which features contactless palm vein authentication technology by which a resident's identity can be verified by simply suspending the palm over the device.
It all began with the Canary Island date palm, planted by Spanish missionaries in California in the late 1700s.
Over the years, people of different countries and cultures found novel ways to use the branches blessed on Palm Sunday.
First finding their way into the pockets and briefcases of individual executives, over the years, Palm devices have been increasingly adopted by enterprises and large organizations as indispensable office equipment.
The Palm Os, first released in 1996, was specifically designed to run on palm-sized devices.