pakua (p·kōōˑ·),

n the circular diagram containing two flowing halves, one black around a white spot and the other white around a black spot. Reflects the Chinese cosmological concepts of wholeness, stillness, and movement. Also called the
Chinese monad, tai chi chuan, or
ying-yang. See also qi yang, and yin.
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Tenders are invited for Wbso engg construction of new a site ksk retail outlet at location netaji more, Pakua, Distt malda under siliguri do of wbso
Gatnar A, Marek B, PakuA, a D, Kajdaniuk D, Kos-Kuda, a B, et al.
This Policy will also apply to consultations with Aboriginal organizations asserting land claims in Labrador which have not been accepted for negotiation by NL, namely the NunatuKavut Community Council, Naskapi Nation of Kawawachikamach, and the Innu communities of Matimekush-Lac John, Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, Ekuanitshit, Nutakuan, Unamen Shipu and Pakua Shipi.
Les Mamit Innuat (Innus de l'Est) vivent dans les communautes de Nutashkuan, d'Ekuanishit, d'Unamen Shipu et de Pakua Shipi sur la Basse-Cote-Nord du Quebec.
You pay 20 South Sudan pounds at Magula, 10 SSP at Gemeza (Central Equatoria state), 20 SSP at Pariak and 10 SSP at Pakua (Jonglei state) as taxes," a shocked driver said when asked why fares are increasing.
Dans le chapitre 8, soeur Aspirot met en lumiere la presence des soeurs du Saint-Rosaire aupres des Innus de Pakua Shipi, et se reserve peut-etre pour une autre occasion de traiter de leur activite a Unaman Shipu (La Romaine).
El resto de las comunidades innus participan en otras dos mesas de negociacion que se constituyeron en 2006: la de Mammit Innuat--comunidades de Mingan, la Romaine y Pakua Shipi--y la mesa de Ashwanipi--comunidades de Uashat-Maliotenam y de Matimekosh-Lac-John--y no se reconocen vinculadas por el Enfoque Comun.
5 million, as will Pakua Shipi, located about four hours north-northeast from Quebec City by air.
di 38 banana pakua pakua 39 banco pikapa pikaha 40 banha -kapa -kaha 41 banhar etaeta taeta 42 barriga -waza -waza 43 batata ta[?
Filmed in the southern Thai town of Pakua Pak, which bore the tsunami's brunt at the cost of 8,000 lives, pie signals its gentle intentions with a long opening shot of small waves peacefully rolling into a shoreline.
2 this program's defense courses would adopt the most applicable aspects of chinese and Brazilian jujitsu, kenpo, aikido, pakua, and the hsing-i martial arts.
The Department of Indian Affairs has accepted the housing proposal of the Montagnais First Nation of Pakua Shipi under its new onreserve housing development program.