Relating to or suffering from Paget disease.
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The investigators reported that the procedures were more technically challenging due to the sclerotic nature of pagetic bone.
A variety of benign and malignant lesions develop in pagetic bone.
Also, when we engineered normal osteoclasts in mice to contain, or express, the measles protein, pagetic bone lesions formed.
The belief is that the viral infection lies dormant for many years in the person, then an unknown trigger causes activation of the osteoclast, which in turn forms the pagetic osteoclasts.
Increase of bone pain at pagetic sites, possible onset of bone pain at previously asymptomatic sites, and increased risk of fracture in weight-bearing bones.
Quantitative and dynamic analysis of pagetic and nonpagetic bone tissue.
For example, Gordon et al described the presence of canine distemper virus RNA in pagetic bone lesions.
Fractures in Pagetic bone are also less stabile, and treatment requires longer periods of immobility.
18]F-fluoride as an imaging agent appears to be of value in measuring regional skeletal metabolism, and therefore may be helpful in determining whether bisphosphonate therapy should be stopped or prolonged depending on the local level of pagetic activity, he said.
The study population consisted of 10 human volunteers with different disease activities, including 4 healthy individuals, 2 newly diagnosed patients with Paget disease of bone, and 4 Pagetic patients receiving treatment with bisphosphonate.
Barlow IW, Thomas NP: Reconstruction nailing for subtrochanteric fractures in the Pagetic bone.
X-rays -- Pagetic bone has a characteristic appearance on x-rays.