packed red blood cells

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packed red blood cells.

pack·ed cells

(pakt selz)
A blood product consisting of concentrated cells, most of the plasma having been removed; given to the patient who needs red blood cells but not increased fluid volume, e.g., the patient in congestive heart failure.
Synonym(s): packed red blood cells.

packed cells

, packed red blood cells,


Red blood cells that have been separated from plasma. They are used to treat conditions such as hemorrhage or symptomatic anemias that require transfusions of red blood cells but not the liquid components of whole blood. The transfusion of PRBCs in place of whole blood elevates hemoglobin levels and reduces the likelihood of fluid overload in the recipient.
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OBJECTIVE To review the literature on the limitations and consequences of packed red blood cell transfusions, with particular attention to critically ill patients.
She required a 4-unit transfusion of packed red blood cells to stabilize her hematocrit at a level of 28.
Fred Quimby of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York will utilize LifeTECH's proprietary Sterizone(TM) System to complete a study on viral inactivation in packed red blood cells.
In a retrospective study presented at Le Bonheur in August, perfusionists reported that before August 2012, 50 percent of patients received two or more units of packed red blood cells during or after open heart surgery.
The contract is for: supply kits for downloading and processing of whole blood in quantities of 8,000 pieces, in order to obtain the final components: FFP, ubogoleukocytarnego packed red blood cells, buffy coat, along with the lease of one wieloprogramowego necessary equipment to handle sets.
Q We use packed red blood cells (PRBC) as fresh as possible (longest expiration date) for children's transfusions.
Make sure there is an adequate number of intravenous lines and maintain adequate volume by using crystalloids, colloids, packed red blood cells, fresh frozen plasma, or platelets, as necessary.
This measure alone serves to increase the shelf life of packed red blood cells and reduces wastage by 10%.
d / kits to collect 2 units of packed red blood cells (PRBC) with
Providing transportation solutions to meet the special needs associated with blood banking and transfusion medicine, ATW-Red Shield products provide for temperature-critical courier, transport, shipping, and monitoring of whole blood, packed red blood cells, platelets, and fresh frozen and thawed plasma.
The baby's mother contracted the virus from two units of packed red blood cells she received after giving birth, so the virus was not transmitted in utero.