packed cells

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packed cells

Etymology: ME, pakke, bundle; L, cella, storeroom
a preparation of blood cells separated from liquid plasma, often administered in severe anemia to restore adequate levels of hemoglobin and red blood cells without overloading the vascular system with excess fluids. Also called packed red blood cells. See also bank blood, component therapy, pooled plasma.

pack·ed cells

(pakt selz)
A blood product consisting of concentrated cells, most of the plasma having been removed; given to the patient who needs red blood cells but not increased fluid volume, e.g., the patient in congestive heart failure.
Synonym(s): packed red blood cells.

packed cells

, packed red blood cells,


Red blood cells that have been separated from plasma. They are used to treat conditions such as hemorrhage or symptomatic anemias that require transfusions of red blood cells but not the liquid components of whole blood. The transfusion of PRBCs in place of whole blood elevates hemoglobin levels and reduces the likelihood of fluid overload in the recipient.
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The bypass circuit was primed with 500 ml of Plasmalyte A (Baxter, India), 250 ml of fresh donor packed cells, 30 ml of mannitol, 5000 units of sodium heparin and 15 ml of 75% sodium bicarbonate.
Even then, they knew that closely packed cells, minimizing free energy, must create these patterns.
Multiple regression models were used to compare pH and temperature with packed cells Post and the requirement for repeat doses of rFVIIa.
We used linear regression to investigate whether pH and temperature had any effect on the number of packed cells transfused (post rFVIIa) and the number of doses of rFVIIa given.
Is back flushing a bag of packed cells a routine procedure practiced by anesthetists everywhere, or is this more an "old school" way of doing things that is not necessary?
37 [micro]g, and represent only 10% of total As distributed in the four compartments (serum 23%, packed cells 14%, dialysate 53%).
More than tenfold increase of As in serum and packed cells of chronical hemodialysis patients.
Following decortication of the spinous processes and laminae in preparation for instrumentation, bleeding increased greatly, requiring nine units of packed cells up to 1800h to maintain blood pressure.
Postoperatively, three units of FFP, two units of albumin and one unit of packed cells were given overnight.
The majority of surgical blood orders are for packed cells.
Each autologous unit receives a blood product code--APC for autologous packed cells or AWB for autologous whole blood--which precedes the donor unit number.