packed cell volume

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packed cell vol·ume

the volume of the blood cells in a sample of blood after it has been centrifuged in the hematocrit; normally, it amounts to 45% of the blood sample.

packed cell volume (PCV)

Etymology: ME, pakke + L, cella, storeroom, volumen, paper roll
percentage of packed red blood cells in a centrifuged column of whole blood. Also called hematocrit reading.

pack·ed cell vol·ume

(PCV) (pakt sel volyūm)
Volume of the blood cells in a sample of blood after it has been centrifuged in the hematocrit.

packed cell volume

the percentage of the volume of whole, unclotted blood occupied by the erythrocytes. Abbreviated PCV. A useful prognostic indicator in dehydration when the PCV rises markedly.
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