packed cell volume

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packed cell vol·ume

the volume of the blood cells in a sample of blood after it has been centrifuged in the hematocrit; normally, it amounts to 45% of the blood sample.

packed cell volume (PCV)

Etymology: ME, pakke + L, cella, storeroom, volumen, paper roll
percentage of packed red blood cells in a centrifuged column of whole blood. Also called hematocrit reading.

pack·ed cell vol·ume

(PCV) (pakt sel volyūm)
Volume of the blood cells in a sample of blood after it has been centrifuged in the hematocrit.


the proportion by volume of blood occupied by erythrocytes (red blood cells, RBC): on average 45%, i.e. 45 mL of red cells in 100 mL of whole blood. Exercise-induced increase in haematocrit, together with measurement of haemoglobin concentration, allows estimation of change in plasma volume. Also known as packed cell volume (PCV). See also altitude acclimatization.

packed cell volume

(postcentrifuge) volume of blood cells in a sample of blood

packed cell volume

the percentage of the volume of whole, unclotted blood occupied by the erythrocytes. Abbreviated PCV. A useful prognostic indicator in dehydration when the PCV rises markedly.
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