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Attributed to or described by Pacini.
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In mice with deactivated c-Maf gene only few Pacinian corpuscles are formed, and moreover these few are not intact.
Finally, we also observed 1 case with individual cells of the GCT within the outer layers of Pacinian corpuscle like structures (Figure 2, c and d).
Like sunglasses that filter out UV light and let the useful visible light through, the artificial fingerprints filtered out vibrations above and below 250 hertz, leaving only the vibrations that could be detected by Pacinian fibers.
However, some of the nerve endings, called Pacinian corpuscles, are relatively deep - about 2 millimetres - under the skin, raising questions about how they could detect such subtle vibrations.
The frequency range is significant because the embedded Pacinian nerve fibres are most sensitive to vibrations at 250 hertz.
Pacinian to Showcase Award Winning Technology at SID Display Week 2010
SEATTLE -- Pacinian Corporation has been awarded the Frost and Sullivan 2010 North American Technology Innovation Award.
Synaptics expands human interaction experience with acquisitions of Pacinian and Video Display Operation of Integrated Device Technology
Mechanoreceptors such as Meissner's corpuscles, Pacinian corpuscles, Merkel's disks, and Ruffini endings are responsible for the detection of tactile input.
Inclusion of a number of newer entities, such as inflammatory pseudo-tumor of the peripheral nerves, palisaded encapsulated neuroma, neuromuscular choristoma, and Pacinian neuromas adds to the completeness of the peripheral nerve lesions that may present as "tumors.
LAS VEGAS -- Pacinian Corporation (Booth 35714, South Hall), an innovator of advanced haptic (tactile) response solutions for improved user experience, will be showcasing new applications of its HapticTouch(TM) Surface Actuation technology at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV, January 7-10.
Sponsored by SMART Technologies, this event will provide delegates with an opportunity to hear from companies at the forefront of touch and interactive technologies such as DisplayBank, FlatFrog, GestureTek, Mechdyne, Next Window, Pacinian, Plastic Logic, Samsung, Synaptics, Wacom and Yamaha, among others.