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The splitting of a double bond in a hydrocarbon chain on treatment with ozone, with the formation of two carbon-containing structures, typically two aldehydes (an ozonide is the unstable intermediate); has been used to determine the structure of unsaturated fatty acids.
[ozone + G. lysis, dissolution]
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Of these, UV-photolysis and ozonolysis appear to be the most feasible financially because they can be generated economically onsite.
Ozonolysis introduces secondary hydroxyl groups in soybean oil.
During experiments the following parameters were determined: concentration of ozone in gas at the inlet and outlet of the reactor, concentration of dissolved ozone in both phases, concentration of hydrogen peroxide in both phases, and concentration of the individual compounds whose ozonolysis was under study.
Emery Oleochemicals' approach to Recycling through science in its Eco-Friendly Polyols business is made further possible by combining Emery Oleochemicals' proprietary ozonolysis technology and InfiGreen's Polyol glycolysis technology.
4) However, another ozonolysis derivative may also be responsible.
Ozonolysis of monoterpenes in mechanical ventilation systems.
Ozone reacts with the probe through a process called ozonolysis, creating the organic compound aldehyde.
The Russian contributors discuss their research on liquid phase oxidation of alkanes in the presence of metal compounds, the reaction of ozone with aromatic compounds, ozonolysis of polybutadienes in solution, anti- adhesive coatings for food equipment, and the formation of polymers in fractal spaces.
The authors employed ozonolysis of stripped micro-suspension latex to reduce residual vinyl chloride monomer from levels of 300 ppm down to less than 5 ppm in 30 minutes.
After World War I and the return to the Universite de Lyon, following his brief stay in Nancy, he was involved in other research areas, such as condensation reactions of aldehydes and ketones, catalytic hydrogenation and dehydrogenation under reduced pressure, and quantitative ozonolysis.
These studies have suggested a wide variety of AOP for the destruction of phenols, such as the Fenton and photo-Fenton treatments [11-13], hydrogen peroxide photolysis [14], combination of ozone with ultraviolet (UV) radiation [14-17], and also combination of sonolysis and ozonolysis [18].
To serve its different customers Novasep Synthesis has developed know-how and innovative technologies using: Hazardous Chemistry: Azide, Diborane, Diazomethane, Ozonolysis, Carbonylation, Asymmetric technologies: Asymmetric Chemistry, Preparative Chromatography, Synthesis and Purification of Highly Potent Molecules and multi-step, multi-ton synthesis.