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An anhydrous denatured aliphatic alcohol intended for gasoline blending as described in Oxygenates definition.
MTBE will be phased-out in California by December 31, 2002, but California's request to the EPA to opt out of the Clean Air Act's oxygenate program has set off nationwide concern over weaking the Clean Air Act.
The Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is expected to take a hard look at the use of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) as an oxygenate in reformulated gasoline (RFG).
The large majority of states do not monitor the presence of MTBE or other fuel oxygenates in storm-water runoff, ground water, or drinking water.
The list now includes ASTM Fuel B, 30% toluene/70% iso-octane, representing a normal gasoline without additives; ASTM Fuel C, 50% toluene/50% iso-octane, representing a gasoline with high aromatic content; ASTM Fuel D, 40% toluene/60% iso-octane, representing a medium high aromatic content, used mainly in Europe; M 25, 75% ASTM Fuel C/25% methanol representing a "worst case" gasoline containing methanol as oxygenate; FAM fuel, 50% toluene/30% iso-octane/15% di-isobutylene/5% ethanol, a European test fuel representing an aggressive gasoline; and M 15, 85% FAM fuel/15% methanol, a European test fuel representing a "worst case" gasoline containing methanol as oxygenate.
of North Pole, when oxygenates are introduced, they react with the inside surface of a tank.
The only reason for oxygenates has been to enrich the oil companies and Midwest corn producers, no matter what the cost to consumers and the damage to the environment.
He urged the federal government to waive its requirement that California use oxygenates such as MTBE to cut air-pollution emissions, saying the state can meet federal clean-air rules without using them.
Of this amount, the dominant portion will be attributable to oxygenates, which will account for over 55 billion pounds, valued at almost $10 billion.
NPRA points out that the legislative record makes it clear that Congress intended and expected gasoline refiners to rely on MTBE to comply with the RFG program mandating the use of oxygenates in gasoline in U.
blending components that require blending other than with oxygenates to become finished conventional gasoline are reported as All Other Motor Gasoline Blending Components.
He also signed a trio of bills to study and regulate chemicals used as oxygenates to make gasoline burn cleaner.