oxidation-reduction potential

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ox·i·da·tion-re·duc·tion po·ten·tial (E0+),

the potential in volts of an inert metallic electrode measured in a system of an arbitrarily chosen ratio of [oxidant] to [reductant] and referred to the normal hydrogen electrode at absolute temperature; it is calculated from the following equation; where R is the gas constant expressed in electrical units, T the absolute temperature (Kelvin), n the number of electrons transferred, F the faraday, and E0 the normal symbol for the potential of the system at pH 0; for biologic systems, E0' is often used (in which pH = 7). Compare: Nernst equation.
Synonym(s): redox potential

oxidation-reduction potential

measure of the capacity of an element or compound, usually contained in half-cells consisting of electron donor and its conjugate electron acceptor, to donate electrons in aqueous medium. Often called redox potential and given the symbol EO or E′O for pH 7.0. Electrons flow from the half-cell of lower to that of higher redox potential.
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1 October 2013 - Luoxis Diagnostics, part of US Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AMPE), unveiled today clinical study data showing statistically significant correlations between oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and the severity of injury among patients with isolated traumatic brain injury (iTBI).
Patterns in pH, Oxidation-Reduction Potential, Total Dissolved Solids, Specific Conductivity, and Salinity.
6, a residual chlorine level of 10 mg per L to 60 mg per L, and an oxidation-reduction potential of about 1,150 mV.
It implies that trichlororisocynauric acid (trichlor) has little effect on oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) on a pool using trichlor for sanitation, but rather, that the cause for low oxidation rates in these types of pools is a dirty ORP probe.
This meter combines pH and temperature measurement with a milli-volt readout for oxidation-reduction potential and specific ion electrodes.
Often desirable are determinations of the hydrogen ion concentration (pH); oxidation-reduction potential (ORP); dissolved oxygen (DO) and oxygen uptake rate; grease, phosphates, and nitrogen.
Supply of one number: car wash, cleanser-degreasers, elektronivomer, stopwatch, mechanical sampler mechanical device for measuring temperature, conductivity, oxidation-reduction potential of the water redox potential kondenziometar, apparatus for determining the salt content of the water, apparatus for determining the pH, supply and installation of a portal monitor, bulldozer and compactor.
21 June 2013 - Luoxis Diagnostics, part of US Ampio Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AMPE), has unveiled positive results from the first study of its oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) diagnostic system, measuring markers of oxidative stress and antioxidant reserves.
An electrolyzed strong acidic solution, which has a high oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) in combination with hypochlorous acid, is bactericidal.
Since pH, oxidation-reduction potential, and conductivity can be determined electrolytically by a potentiometer circuit, these determinations can readily be translated into meter readings and chart records.
Changes in the oxidation-reduction potential (ORP), which are caused by irradiation, play an important role in the formation of COMb.

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