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n the legal right of possession.
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Employee Ownership Month is an opportunity for ESOP (employee stock ownership plan) companies across the nation to educate employee owners, the public, and government officials about the undeniable benefits of employee ownership for employees, their companies, the communities they are a part of, and the nation.
being a statement of changes in the beneficial ownership of its
382 limits a corporation's ability to use its net operating losses (NOLs) and other attributes after an ownership change.
There are numerous types of legal entities in which asset ownership can be structured, including trusts, corporations, limited-liability companies, partnerships, limited partnerships, limited-liability partnerships and other more esoteric vehicles.
The amendment added a specific exclusion for the death of a domestic partner from the definition of "change in ownership.
Johnson wants her ownership deal to open the door for other black women to attain decision making positions in sports.
IRC section 382 limits the use of NOL carryforwards following an ownership change.
For now, the best we have is an occasional report from the Bureau of Economic Analysis of the current account on an ownership basis.
The GVA Williams Ownership Services Division was built on the premise that owners of commercial real estate require a dedicated group of professionals who thoroughly understand their particular needs.
Hispanic and Asian home ownership in Los Angeles County jumped by more than a third over the last decade while the number of homes owned by whites declined, according to 2000 census figures released Tuesday.
has been actively promoting shared ownership of life insurance as an alternative strategy that still offers tax advantages.
1843(k)(4)(H)) and this subpart authorize a financial holding company, directly or indirectly and as principal or on behalf of one or more persons, to acquire or control any amount of shares, assets or ownership interests of a company or other entity that is engaged in any activity not otherwise authorized for the financial holding company under section 4 of the Bank Holding Company Act.