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To react with unnecessary or inappropriate force, emotional display, or violence.
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One of the EPA's dioxin experts, Linda Birnbaum, calls dioxin an "immune modulator," because it makes the immune systems of animals both under-reactive and overreactive to stimuli.
The overreactive ground swell for removing the chief from civil service protection and placing the chief again under the politicians was hasty and without regard for what should have been learned from the 1930s.
Block, Block, and Keyes (1988) suggest that the characteristics of CD adolescents are noticeable at younger ages; one cohort of 105 adolescents who were using drugs, were overreactive, emotionally labile, and unable to delay gratification at ages three to four.
This peculiar trait is called the critical incident syndrome which, as defined in my book, Managing Risk: Systematic Loss Prevention for Executives, is an "intuitive and often overreactive response to a situation that has required management attention and correction for some time but continues to be neglected until triggered by an unexpected loss of great magnitude, whereupon corrective resources previously unavailable are released in abundance.
The question remains: Are the immune responses observed in IBD the cause of the ailment or overreactive response to a substance not yet defined?
One hallmark of an overreactive Behavioral Activating (or appetitive motivational) System is a stronger than normal response to reward versus nonreward conditions on laboratory tasks.
The outcry of some overreactive residents, who live in the beauty of our city's wooded hillsides, couldn't enforce the use of animal traps to get rid of coyotes.
Tactile communication is intended as an adjunct to, and in some cases a replacement for, traditional visual and audible alert displays and has several advantages over these traditional displays; primarily 1) our sense of touch is not distracted, cluttered or confused by competing stimulation and 2) responses to tactile stimulation are more controlled and less overreactive than response to audible alerts, particularly when in a fatigued or drowsy state.
Often we hesitate to speak and act like security professionals because we fear our actions may be perceived as overreactive or police-like.
The distribution of scores for the Reactivity dimension indicates that teachers rated the handicapped children as being either overreactive or underreactive.
Although I am not a smoker - I quit several years ago and have no intention of going back to it - I find the recent agreement between the federal government and the tobacco industry to be both overreactive and frightening in its intent.