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Pediatrics The accidental rolling of a person on top of an infant or child sleeping in a parent's bed, which may cause death by suffocatio. See Co-sleeping.


suffocation of piglets by the sow. The piglets may be weak from illness or malnutrition, the sow may be clumsy or ill, the pen may be inadequate in size or poorly designed so that piglets cannot escape.

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Q. diet over 50... I'm over 50 and I'd like to start a diet. Due to the fact that I'm at home helping my husband most of the time, I can't go for long walks and so and I'm near all kinds of food all the time...what would you recommend me to do in order to lose weight??

A. oh, I think do more sports is better that diet. That's will be more health.
Do you know P90X?
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I also really enjoy the recipes that came with the px90 nutrition plan, my husband is a chef and these recipes are very tasty and fulfilling. I am getting into great shape at my own pace with the encouragement and support of my own personal trainer that I used to pay $50.00 a session and also have my own personal nutritionist to go along with it with my own personal eating plan. I also purchased the recovery formula and the orange taste is great and has plenty of nutrients to assist me to recover from the workout. I absolutely love it and will send you before and after pics when i am done.
Hope this can help you.

Q. Over-medication” for bipolar patients. Does anyone have any information on “over-medication” for bipolar patients? About any societies that is overdependence on drugs or medicines to treat bipolar disorder?

A. pharmaceutical drugs can be of great help when the disease breaks out. but in the moment that the person is again under control, you should find out the causes and cure them one after another. psychosis, schizophrenia, paranoia break out, because your emotional body can't keep all traumata anymore under control. the last body - the physical body will react out of control because too many emotions have not been assimilated in time. kineology is here of great help to analyse and eliminate one cause after another. detoxication is another thing which must be considered. healthy food - biological food, source water (still water) - each case needs individual help.

Q. How to Stop Vitiligo from spreading all over the body? Can any one please tell how to stop Vitiligo from spreading all over the body

A. Normally treatment of vitiligo may take a long time. So patient should be relax and hopeful to treat this skin condition.
While start any treatment one thing is very important that not be depressed and anxious because this is the factor which can increase in vitiligo.
Take care when go out in afternoon.
Maintain a well balance diet plan which you can easily find by any dermatologist.
There are many treatment options are available for vitiligo as listed at http://www.antivitiligo.com/vitiligo-treatment/

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The lawsuit asks the courts for a ``determination that plaintiff's present and future right to extract groundwater from the aquifer and put it to reasonable and beneficial use on the property is superior in priority to any rights of each of the defendants to extract and use groundwater, other than for reasonable and beneficial overlying use upon any land such defendant owns which overlies the aquifer.
The anoxic sections released the greatest amount of ammonium and phosphate into overlying water.
If the release of nutrients into the overlying water from oxic sediment layers was independent of the release from anoxic sediment layers, releases from the intact sediment should equal the sum of nutrient release from the oxic and anoxic sections.
TSD-1 was inclined at 60 degrees to the south and intersected 90 metres of Quaternary lavas and clastic sediments unconformably overlying a weakly altered and mineralized andesitic pyroclastic unit to hole end at 220 metres.
The hole encountered 65 metres of Quaternary lavas and clastic sediments unconformably overlying altered and mineralized andesitic pyroclastics continuing to hole end at 338 metres.