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n the production costs required to be expended by the dental professional to practice the profession (e.g., rent, utilities, salaries, laundry). Costs include any involved with management, supplies, equipment, salaries (taxes), and maintenance. Amounts deducted from the gross receipts of a dental practice before the dental professional's net income (take-home pay) is received.
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Ford management aggressively tackled the issue of management overhead in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
PHILADELPHIA -- The overhead costs involved in clinical trials represent significant expenses that can vary widely across the globe.
GrantPlan[R] covers the key components of grant costs, such as individual procedures, overhead rates, other direct costs, and site costs.
description of the basic structure of the STM-1frame including the number and location of payload and overhead bytes and an explanation of the standard (ITU-T) method of representing the frame structure.
comparison of the roles of the regenerator section overhead (RSOH) and the multiplex section overhead (MSOH) bytes
function of those STM section and path overheads used by ATM equipment.
The role of the different types of SDH overhead is also explained.
Accent Presentations is a business graphics service bureau dedicated to quality output of 35mm slides, slide duplication, digital color prints and overheads, color posters, trade show signage, conference signs, E6 film processing and camera work.
The Sienna outputs at 300 dots per inch, using an RGB formatted continuous tone color direct from the computer file to letter size overhead or print material for high end color presentation materials.
1, 1995--Due largely to their relative low cost, ease of use, and user flexibility, the overhead projector will continue to serve communications professionals as the workhorse presentation format for the rest of this decade.
In fact, according to PLUS Corporation of America Vice President and General Manager Fred Feuerhake, annual sales of overhead projectors will grow to 500,000 units by the year 2000 -- up from sales of 357,000 units in 1994(a).