n reporting a more complex and/or higher cost procedure than was actually performed.
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Health plans, in particular, are searching both to ensure they were not underpaid by the CMS because of undercoding, and that they aren't audited because of overcoding.
What this process entails for Deleuze is an opening, an acceleration, drawing not as a tracing or overcoding of preexistent lines, not as the capturing of an essence or fitting an essence into readily available models, but drawing as a becoming, as the creation of new concepts and new affects, and drawing even as the drawing of lines of flight.
Seward) Fail to provide any psychoanalytic insight into the vampire's sexual motivation: the coding of sexuality in the novel is structured around a tension between the overcoding of sexual performance and the undercoding of sexual utterance (Gelder 1994, 66-67).
Overcoding of diagnoses in for-profit hospitals has previously been recognized in situations where coding practices influence reimbursement (Hsia et al.
Smith's Warholian operations, his uniform sizing and pricing of paintings and the arbitrariness of his motifs, are designed to facialize his canvases absolutely, overcoding them in advance with purely abstract faces.
Hospitals don't want them churning patients or overcoding, and hospitals don't want them fraudulently billing to make up their productivity," he said.
State overcoding is precisely this structural violence that defines the law, 'police' violence .
What Eco calls "text-oriented culture" and "grammar-oriented culture" are actually expressions coined by Yuri Lotman by which overcoding, undercoding, and extracoding (21) produce the ratio difficilis of the message.
Occasionally, a speaker mentioned two or more different qualities in his or her paragraph response, which may have led to one of the two coders missing or overcoding a helping quality.
However, any overcoding of diagnoses as present on admission will create other problems for hospitals.
After several stages of refinement, Umberto Eco came up with definitions of coding, overcoding, and undercoding, from which follows the need for extracoding in the interpretation of any message (168).
Overcoding can be a compliance problem requiring immediate intervention and correction.