n reporting a more complex and/or higher cost procedure than was actually performed.
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This point will become particularly evident later in our story when we consider participation and the overcoding forces of the neo-liberal University (The Analogue University, 2017).
In Post-Postmodernism, Nealon asserts economics as the overcoding logic of the 21st Century: "It's one logic, smeared across a bunch of discourses, and after the transcoding dialectical demonstration.
I also agree that, "when art becomes an illustration of a political 'message' it annuls the aperture of meaning and power" of art "inasmuch as discourse always exerts an overcoding effect on the image" (Yepes, 2014, pp.
Billy's interview with the Youth Employment Officer is a telling instance of the incommensurability between desire and functionality, between the overcoding logic of capitalist injunction (to choose a job, define your preferences, find a place in life) and the ontological intractability of becoming.
The regnant theme of his work from the late 1940s onwards is the overcoding or systemic domination of American life by the nexus of newly emerging forms of monopoly capitalism and the burgeoning military-industrial-corporate complex of the National Security State.
This process, he argues, frees language from overcoding, from the weight of the communicative message, allowing the linguistic elements themselves to speak and freeing the perceiver or reader to engage with, or enter into an affective relationship with, the piece unburdened by the limitations of traditional communication.
Health plans, in particular, are searching both to ensure they were not underpaid by the CMS because of undercoding, and that they aren't audited because of overcoding.
For Hardt and Negri, true totalitarianism comes from nationalism and in fact national sovereignty itself: "The concept of nation and the practices of nationalism are from the beginning set down on the road not to the republic but to the 're-total,' the total thing, that is, the totalitarian overcoding of social life" (113).
By way of accretion, these chapters demonstrate the practical value of overcoding in coming to grips with neoliberalism and, given their relatively remote subject matter, constitute a kind of performative display of the rigors of intensification, which serves as both the object and approach of the study.
A Foreboding Beginning: Overcoding Desire with Death
4) Manifested not only by the abstract "production and overcoding of fear and fantasies, faked objects and images" but by actual hysterias in the form of "'periodic waves of collective sexual hysteria'" (van Onselen qtd Mbembe 45).
But since such coding could not but be an overcoding, efforts to naturalize America's sovereign state-centric political imaginary tend toward extravagance, for example, belligerent assertions of sovereignty and unlikely eruptions of nationalism wherein the perturbations of the largely forgotten but untranscended past are preserved, becoming the haunting specter of the immemorial.