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Sexology The disclosure of a person’s homosexual orientation by others against the person's wishes
Vox populi An excursion in the open air or away from one’s home base
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Days-since-run covers Rules form, with more recent PTP outing added in brackets.
EVERYONE loves a day's outing - and it's been the same ever since the charabanc became popular in the early part of the 20th century.
Some women might feel intimidated at industry golf outings.
You've got to go beyond the norm because everyone holds golf outings.
Over 55 golfers hit the links at Wild Marsh golf club in Buffalo, MN on June 23rd at the North Central NAMA Golf Outing.
Kranawetter had his best outing as a JetHawk in Wednesday night's 5-4 victory over Modesto, throwing two shutout innings without allowing a hit or a walk (he hit one batter) for his first win since being assigned to Lancaster.
Fill out the Outing Reservation Form on the bound insert in this Trip Guide, and mail it to Sierra Club Outings, 85 Second Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94105.
At one time this nursing home in Pinkerington, Ohio, used its own van for specialty medical trips and outings.
Back in the early 1990s, the practice of outing public figures surfaced among gay activists as a way to wage a type of guerrilla warfare on the nation's power elite.
Shake the smartphone for a random sampling of local event outings in nearby locations
But at most business outings, women are grossly outnumbered.
Moonamoe Reward is better class than today's rivals when fully wound up, but looked in need of her return outing and may be better still for this further spin under her belt.