out-of-body experience

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out-of-body experience

the experience of one's self, including mind and sensation, existing extracorporeally; reported as a near-death phenomenon.

out-of-body experience (oobe)

a sensation that the mind has separated temporarily from the body. The feeling tends to occur when the patient is asleep, in a trance, or unconscious as during surgery. The person visualizes his or her body as an impersonal observer might. In some cases the person visualizes objects or persons who are beyond the range of normal senses. Occasionally a patient near death learns after awakening that he or she has been declared clinically dead during the moments of the experience. See also near-death experience.

out-of-body experience

A scientifically unproven phenomenon in which a person allegedly leaves his or her physical body and has a sensation of floating at some distance from it. OOBEs have been associated with mental or physical events in the form of stress, trauma, dehydration, sensory deprivation or overload, psychedelic or dissociative drugs, hallucinations and dream-like state.

out-of-body ex·pe·ri·ence

(owt bodē ek-spērē-ĕns)
Perception of one's self, including mind and sensation, existing extracorporeally; reported as a near-death phenomenon.
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I don't believe in UFOs, have never seen a ghost and as for out-of-body experiences, I don't think so.
Palmer (1978) presented a psychological theory of the out-of-body experience (OBE) that centred on the body image of the experient (OBEer).
Of that 66 per cent who are Christians, at least 10 per cent must have had out-of-body experiences, some believe in past-life regression, others in channelling the dead.
After separating Raisin and a friend from one of their frequent quarrels, Nola notices that Raisin is having an apparent out-of-body experience, "standing stock still with her arms held out like her mother's faded picture of Jesus on the cross" (118).
The patterns are quite well known, at least in the west: the moribund finds a deep sense of peace, describes an out-of-body experience, has his life pass in review, sees bright lights, and finds a personal escort who advises him that his "time" is not yet and that he must return to "the other side.
Political junkies are tripping in an out-of-body experience.
Della Reese remembers an out-of-body experience after she accidentally walked through the glass door.
It was like having an out-of-body experience in one respect.
During an out-of-body experience, she must decide whether to wake up and live a life far different than she'd imagined.
We want people to come forward who have had what we call a spontaneous out-of-body experience," said Dr Jason Braithwaite, who is leading the research.
The Norwegian team coach Petter Lovberg said: "We are all in shock, this is an out-of-body experience for the whole team.