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os·te·o·pro·teg·er·in (OPG),

Polypeptide suppressing osseous mineral turnover deficient in juvenile onset Paget disease.
[osteo- + L. protego, protegere, to protect, + -in]


A secreted protein that inhibits osteoclast differentiation.
[osteo- + L. protego, protegere, to protect, + -in]

osteoprotegerin (OPG)

A secreted protein which inhibits osteoclast differentiation. The cytokine TRANCE binds to osteoprotegerin. Recombinant osteoprotegerin has been used successfully to treat juvenile PAGET'S DISEASE.
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Native human osteoprotegerin amino acid sequence, N-terminal signaling peptide (gray) 1 mnkllccalv fldisikwtt qetfppkylh ydeetshqll cdkcppgtyl kqhctakwkt 61 vcapcpdhyy tdswhtsdec lycspvckel qyvkqecnrt hnrvceckeg ryleiefclk 121 hrscppgfgv vqagtpernt vckrcpdgff snetsskapc rkhtncsvfg llltqkgnat 181 hdnicsgnse stqkcgidvt lceeaffrfa vptkftpnwl svlvdnlpgt kvnaesveri 241 krqhssqeqt fqllklwkhq nkdqdivkki iqdidlcens vqrhighanl tfeqlrslme 301 slpgkkvgae diektikack psdqilklls lwrikngdqd tlkglmhalk hsktyhfpkt 361 vtqslkktir flhsftmykl yqklflemig nqvqsvkisc 1
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