osteoid tissue

os·te·oid tis·sue

osseous tissue before calcification.
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Rat alveolar bone is dense and it has no osteons and marrow spaces while there is less amount of osteoid tissue along the bone surface of alveolus as compare to humans.
Aneurysmal bone cyst (ABC) is a rare benign bone tumor that contains blood-filled cavernous spaces separated by septa containing osteoid tissue and osteoclast giant cells [1-3].
Adhesion of capillary buds and perivascular osteogenic cells forming the layers of osteoid tissue is noted on the implant surface.
Osteosarcoma (OS) is an mesenchymal malignant bone tumor characterized by formation of disorganized immature woven bone or osteoid tissue with a reported incidence of 1:100,000 per year.
In addition, DKO model provides similarities in X-ray analysis with human OS by revealed sunburst pattern which indicate osteoid tissue (osseous before calcification stage) (24).
These radiographic changes have been ascribed to failing mineralization of osteoid tissue leading to increased thickness of growth plate and bending of long bones resulting into lameness and inability to bear weight properly (Rosol and Capen, 1997).
These abnormalities are caused by the failure of the osteoid tissue to calcify in growing bones, leaving them soft and pliable.
The mandibular bone of group 1 with JD presented large amounts of osteoid tissue compared with its control.
Giant cells were admixed with osteoid tissue (Figure 3, A) or with mitotically active mononuclear cells (Figure 3, B).
Rickets: A disease due to vitamin-D deficiency and characterized by overproduction and deficient calcification of osteoid tissue, with associated skeletal deformities and disturbances in growth.