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These range from conservative methods such as enucleation, marsupialization, curettage, chemical cauterization, peripheral ostectomy to much aggressive treatments such as marginal or segmental resection.
After enucleation, the surgical sites of all the patients were treated using peripheral ostectomy.
If detected earlier; curettage with marginal ostectomy is preferred treatment.
The other 7 cases were treated with peripheral ostectomy due to the radiologically multilocular features and relative larger size.
Methods: two groups of six pairs of ulnae were plated with a small-fragment LCP around a 1 cm ostectomy.
Thanksfully, however, a surgical procedure, femoral head and neck ostectomy, produces excellent results in most cats, and it usually renders them pain-free and returns the hip joints--and the kitties--to near-normal function.
Evaluation of particulate bioglass in a rabbit radius ostectomy model.
The patient was informed about the fibroma's possible recurrence, which might require extractions and ostectomy.
Minimum ostectomy and tooth sectioning was performed by using the round bur and the fissure bur respectively while preserving the distal bone adjacent to the second molar.
Resection of Postero superior spur or calcaneal ostectomy along with excision of bursa is done to prevent recurrent bursitis and pressure on the tendoachillis.
Decompression before enucleation with peripheral ostectomy is done according to the literature.
Radial ostectomy has also been reported as a treatment for radioulnar synostosis.